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January 2021-Tired of Earning 0% on Your Savings?
May 2021- The Beneficiary Checklist


December 2020-Are You Tall Enough to Invest, Being Warren Buffett For Your Kids, Holiday Spending, Year-end To Do’s
November 2020- 401(k) Loans, Magic of Compounding, Household CFO, Center Square
September 2020-Financial Stability, Non Guaranteed Assets vs Guaranteed Assets HELOCS
August 2020-One Club Suggestion For Personal Finance
July 2020- How Whole Life Helped Build Disney and Other Famous Companies
June 2020-Does Buy Term and Invest the Difference Really Make Sense
May 2020-Backhoes and Whole Life….When SImple Becomes Simplistic
April 2020-Pragmatic Visualization, Secure Act, Lower Interest Rate Trend
March 2020-Choose Your Trustee Wisely, Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage?
February 2020-Money Stress, Real ID, Avoiding Bankruptcy
January 2020-Making a List, IRAs and the Unknown Future Taxation


December 2019-How to protect against a bear market
November 2019-Trading in Your Financial Goals for Habits
October 2019-Whole Life Policy Loans Retirement Planning
September 2019-FOMO vs FOL – Fear of Missing Out vs Fear of Loss
August 2019-Bank of Mom and Dad The First Life Ins Decision Manage Debt
July 2019-High Income Doesn’t Equal Financial Savvy-Dynamic Principles
June 2019- Prepared For Widowhood- Delusion of Athletic
May 2019- Others In Your Retirement, Cover Your Assets, YOYO
April 2019- What Financial Information are your listening to
March 2019-Will You Actually Retire in a Lower Tax Bracket? Not Likely!
February 2019-12 Ways to Fund a Business
January 2019-Mobile Device can Negatively impact your Financial decisions, Paying Down Debt is NOT The Same As Saving!


December 2018- Pay it Forward and Save Someones Financial Life
November 2018 -Chasing Rates of Return
October 2018-The REAL Value of an Asset – Life After Driving – Student
June 2018-Resist the Financial Fans Expertise What happened to our Pension Plans Real Cost of Retirement Caregiving
May 2018-Guaranteed is Better Than Safe, Taxes–The Not So Obvious, Disability Ins., Shop Loan Rates
April 2018-Stop Hurrying, Economic Life Value, Social Security
February 2018-Tax Law Changes, Adults Only Financial Strategy, Can You Be Orphaned in Retirement

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