Richard`s goal as a Financial Professional is to listen to your financial dreams and objectives and help you create a strategy for meeting them. Richard defines this strategy as Wealth Coordination and Financial Protection. The most important part of creating “Financial Success” is to understand that there is more than one strategy available to achieve one`s financial goal and it’s finding an experienced professional with that extensive knowledge of the industry that can help achieve those goals much faster. Richard will help educate you on the many different financial strategies and products that exist.  He will help you make decisions that are in your family’s best interests -keeping your goals in the forefront of every meeting. (Rather than the Government or Financial Institutions best interests). Whatever your stage in life, these strategies can help you in creating, building, and preserving wealth while protecting you and your family. Many factors and circumstances in life can erode wealth far too easily; inflation, taxes and market risk are just a few. However, implementing strong financial strategies can help mitigate and reduce these potential eroding factors. Richard will assess your financial situation, evaluate and present an array of alternative strategies, design and ultimately implement a strategy that not only meets your objectives but provides increased flexibility and protection along the way. Richard will be involved through your ever changing life stages and as your situation changes, Richard will continue to evaluate your strategies and recommend adjustments that will continue to help provide protection, wealth potential and flexibility throughout your life. Every financial decision you make incurs a financial cost…you either borrow money and pay interest or you remove money from your assets which results in incurring “Lost Opportunity Costs.” Richard provides his clients the ability to recognize this and helps to make sure that each financial decision incurs the least amount of “financial cost” while providing maximum flexibility.

Many people work with multiple financial professionals (Micro Managers): Stockbrokers, Property & Casualty Agents, Life Insurance Agents, Bankers, Accountants, Attorneys, Realtors. Unfortunately, many of these micro managers hardly, if ever, speak to one another about you and your family’s financial strategies. This lack of communication and synergies may result in financial deficiencies, and lost opportunity cost. Richard is not interested in replacing any of your current financial professionals, but only to act as your Macro Manager and offer you the opportunity to build upon them and strengthen your financial world.

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