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I began working with Rich 20 years ago and it turns out to be the best decision I’ve ever made financially. Through Rich’s guidance and expertise I have all my financial orders in place along with my family being taken care of no matter what life brings. I have followed the Leap system for 20 years and accumulated a cash value that I can utilize for investments, kids education or any of life’s unexpected events. I can honestly say that Rich is the only financial representative that I have ever had that I believe truly cares.

Joseph Antico- Partner, Rainbow G&J Painting

Hi Rich,

Thanks for the great newsletter. I wanted to tell you that David and I do listen to you: after our last conference call check in, we realized in a way we hadn’t before that private school was a foolish expense long term (with NO guarantee on investment since these days private school can actually hurt your chances of getting into a good college), so we acted: we bought a house (on short sale, a great discount in a great neighborhood that we could swing because of our savings) in the town with the best public schools in Mass, then sold our old house as quickly as possible. I went back to working full time as well. Plan: finish up with the current private school next year (we’re letting our oldest finish 4th grade first), I work full time, save some. Then in fall 2018 we switch the kids to the local public schools and I go part time, yet we save more.

We updated our wills recently with a new lawyer, here in Mass. He remarked upon meeting us that it was “refreshing” and very rare to meet a professional couple like us. He said most couples like us have no savings, no plan, a 1.5 million dollar house , and private schools.

We are grateful for your guidance which gave us a lot of clarity and motivation to uproot ourselves to a better position.



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“As my financial representative, Rich Aronwald has come to understand my objectives and has worked through my real estate investment and insurance policies to make certain that I can continue to live on my terms while having protected the future of those I love,” she said. “With further education, I hope others will find the confidence and willingness to seek out a financial adviser who will help them meet the goals they set for themselves. Rich took the necessary time to get to know me so personally that the goals we have achieved are financially sound, but also perfectly represent my values and allow me to fulfill my dreams.” – Carol Stillwell- CEO & President, Stillwell-Hansen, Inc.

Conversation with client on the value of the recommended readings:

Paul…I meant to tell you something I found to be funny. When I was speaking with Karina the other day she was saying how great the book was and how she learned so much, especially about the mortgages. The funny thing is, everything in the book was what we went over in GREAT DETAIL our first several meetings which she fought me on tooth and nail. But now that she read the book she gets it. I thought that was pretty funny. Bottom line…she now gets it! -Richard Aronwald

I know!! But that’s my wife, she is very tough, and in most cases it is impossible to change her mind set. That is why I am amazed over her enthusiasm after reading your book. She read it while on the bus to and from work, and would come home everyday all excited of what she read that day, and how she was sure we would “be rich.” I give you a lot of credit, as very few people, including yours truly have ever been able to really change her view on things. I guess that’s why she is spreading the word to every one of how they should read this book and meet with you. She believes in sharing her knowledge, and potential “wealth”!! -Paul Pogribinsky, Senior Director of Ambulatory Operations & Network Development at NYU Langone Health System. Karina Pogribinsky, Partner Financial Services, Office of Ernst & Young.

Hi Rich,

As I reflect on my personal financial, legal, and risk status I must say I have a debt of gratitude to you and your team. When we first met I did not know how I would put 2 girls through college, protect my assets nor provide properly for my family in the event of death. As I talk to many others about these topics I find myself way ahead of the game in terms of will and estate planning, proper insurance coverages and asset protection. Thank you!


Hi Rich,

I wanted to reach out and let you know how happy my wife and I have been with your financial advice and services. Your philosophy seemed to contradict all the preconceived notions we had on investing and accumulating wealth. Through our initial and annual meetings you were able to provide us with the blueprint necessary to put us in charge of our own financial future. You have always been accessible for the immediate questions that may have arisen and have been able to put us in contact with other professionals like yourself in their respected fields. We feel very good about our future!

Thank you,

Dr. & Mrs. Cory Wanatick

Hi Rich.

As always your advice is on point. You have steered us in directions that have created financial stability and well-being for our family. You have provided us with creative and solid solutions that make sense. The best part is that you are always available to listen and provide advice. We never feel uneducated about our decisions because you take the time to explain them in detail. Thanks, as always.

Michael Emanuel

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